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MARCH 26, 2020

Hello Whitman Students!

During this time of the novel coronavirus pandemic, we are all struggling to adjust to life at a distance. The COWS will be offering tutoring on writing assignments online. Soon you will be able to log on to one of two schedules (listed in the dropdown menu to the left and at the top of the schedule page once you are logged on):

Spring 2020 Online Face-to-Face

This schedule has limited hours and availability. If you feel you would really like to meet with a tutor via video/audio conferencing, please go to this schedule and find an available time. All times are in PST. After scheduling an appointment, when the time comes for the appointment, click on that box and login. You will find a video feed in the top left corner, a chat box on the right, and a white board in the center. You can upload files to the whiteboard and work on them together in real time. To access the video and audio, make sure you have your camera and microphone on. You can also choose to work in real time, but only use the chat feature and the whiteboard. This is also a great option for brainstorming, since you can use the whiteboard to mind-map and outline. 

Spring online 2020 asynchronous

This schedule is listed in slots rather then hours. Each tutor has a limited number of slots. This is how many papers they can respond to in a given day. When you sign up for a slot, you can upload your paper to that tutor. The tutor will respond within 24 hours to your paper. They will be providing substantive comments in the margins, and may mark recurring errors for you to find. They are not copyediting. Their role as tutors is still to collaborate with you to help you create the best content you can. So you are likely to receive generative questions and thoughts more than direct suggestions and error correction. If you are explicitly worried about a particular grammatical feature you know you have trouble with, please let the tutor know and they can work with you on that feature by correcting one instance and helping you to locate other instances.

We wish you and your families well in this difficult time. 

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